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Titanium band information ~ This page provides answers to all of your titanium band questions. Titanium is a fantastic metal to use for dress and wedding bands. We have a wide selection of titanium bands including colored titanium, titanium and gold and titanium and silver bands.

Our titanium bands are very popular. We currently provide over 60% of our titanium bands to customers in the United States and have hundreds of happy titanium customers worldwide. To help you with making your titanium band decisions, we have compiled the following titanium band information:

What is Titanium?

Titanium is a natural element which has a silver-greyish-white color. Titanium is the hardest natural metal in the world. It is very strong, three times the strength of steel and much stronger than gold silver and platinum and yet is very light weight. Pure titanium is also 100% hypoallergenic which means that it if safe for anyone to wear as it will not react to your skin.

Why choose titanium?

Titanium provides several unique factors that make it the ideal metal for jewelry bands. It is very strong, more dent, bend and scratch resistant than gold, silver and platinum, is lightweight and importantly offers an exotic array of colors which other metals simply do not. We can color our titanium in blue, purple, bluemoon, night sky and black rainbow colors. Our titanium is also 100% hypoallergenic and will not produce skin irritation or discoloration.

What grade of titanium do you use in your titanium bands?

We use 99.9% pure commercial grade titanium. Our titanium is pure and of surgical implant quality which means that it is hypoallergenic and allergy free.

Is titanium hypoallergenic?

Titanium bands

Pure titanium is 100% hypoallergenic and allergy free and will not produce skin irritation or discoloration. Pure titanium does not react to sunlight, salt water or anything that the body emits. This is why we only offer pure titanium to our clients. We do not use other metal alloys with our titanium to ensure only the purest and safest titanium is used in our bands. We use pure titanium with confidence knowing that everyone can wear it without the concern of an adverse reaction to your body.

How are titanium bands colored?

Titanium bands

The color of our titanium bands is not a paint, plate or pigment. The color in our titanium bands is caused by oxidisation. Titanium is a type of refractory metal that has an interesting relationship with oxygen. Oxygen causes a structural change in the metal's surface crystals creating an oxide. The oxide is as hypoallergenic as titanium, but has a unique light refractory property that causes the titanium to appear in various colors to the human eye. The oxidisation is produced by a heating process that causes the titanium to change color. The color will not fade or chip though it can be scratched off. The titanium in not colored through the entire depth of the metal. Although titanium is a very strong metal, as with any metal it can, and will scratch, and with scratching, the titanium color can be removed. See below for further information.

What titanium band colors are available?

You can choose from blue, purple, bluemoon, night sky, black rainbow and natural titanium colors. The choice is yours. To see how titanium is colored please see above.

The transition between colors during the oxidisation process is very quick which sometimes can blur the boundary between the blue and purple colors in small parts of the band on occasion. This is part of the beauty and uniqueness of colored titanium bands.

Can titanium bands be engraved?

Titanium bands Yes, we can engrave your special message on the inside of your titanium band. To make your titanium band truly yours we can engrave your special message for only $3AU per letter. If you would like us to engrave your bands for you, please place your order for your titanium band through our web site. In the secure online order form you will see a comments section. Please type in the comments section that you would like engraving and the your message to be engraved. Please note, that if you choose to have your titanium band engraved, the guarantee for that band will be voided. This is simply because the band has been engraved with your personal message which would prevent the band from being resold if it was returned under the guarantee or due to the incorrect finger size being provided. If you would like to take advantage of the guarantee, we suggest you have your local jeweler engrave your band for you once you receive your bands from us and confirm their fit.

Can titanium bands be resized?

Titanium band

Titanium bands are very strong and they cannot be soldered, which means that they cannot be resized. We can sometimes resize titanium bands by a small amount up by stretching them, however they cannot be resized down in size.

We suggest that you have your finger sizes checked by a local jeweler before you order to double check your finger size. If you provide us with the wrong finger size you should contact us as soon as possible and we will discuss your options with you and whether we will be able to make another band for you for a modest re-make fee.

Can you make gold and titanium bands?

Titanium bandsYes, we provide titanium and gold bands. You can choose from white gold or yellow gold and natural colored titanium or colored titanium. The gold and titanium color combinations look fantastic and are very distinctive. The titanium and gold styles are available in with gold edges or with gold inlay stripes.

What widths are available in your titanium bands?

All the titanium only styles are available in the widths from 3mm to 10mm.

Are your bands available for men and ladies?

Yes, our bands are available in widths 3mm to 10mm for titanium for some of the titanium bands.

Can I have satin finished titanium bands?

Titanium bandsYes, you can choose from 3 types of satin finishes and our meteor heavy texture style. The satin finishes are available in a light, medium and heavy texture for both our natural colored titanium bands and colored titanium bands. Although titanium is very strong, much stronger than gold, platinum and silver and is more bend, dent and scratch resistant, titanium will still scratch depending upon its wear and use. You can choose a satin finish for your titanium band to help keep it looking good for longer. We recommend that a satin finish be selected for the colored titanium bands. The meteor style uses deep grooves in the titanium. The colored meteor bands have lighter and darker sections (light and dark blue) and are polished on the top edge of the grooves to give a great finish.

Can titanium bands be worn as wedding bands?

Titanium bandsYes, each of our titanium bands can be worn as wedding bands or dress bands for men or ladies. Each of the titanium styles is available in matching ladies' and men's sets.

If you are wearing titanium bands as wedding bands and would like a colored titanium style we highly recommend that you choose a satin finish for the colored style. The satin finish will help protect the color, help protect against scratches and general wear and to keep the bands looking better over time. If the band will be subjected to heavy wear we recommend that you choose the heavy satin finish. We would suggest that for colored titanium wedding bands you consider titanium bands with a medium or heavy satin finish, the grooved style titanium band or a natural titanium color. You should note that although titanium is a very strong metal, it will still scratch and the titanium color can be scratched off. If you will be wearing a colored titanium band as a wedding band, you should allow for the possibility of having the band re-colored in the future.

You should also be aware that titanium bands cannot be resized now or in the future. It is important that you have your finger size accurately measured before ordering.

Cleaning titanium bands

Titanium bandSimply use a soft cloth and warm soapy water to clean your titanium bands. Do not use strong detergent or chemicals and never use toothpaste to clean your jewelry. For polished natural color titanium bands, we suggest that you have your titanium band polished about one or twice a year. This will help to keep the band looking great.

Other designs

Titanium is difficult to work with, not manipulated easily, cannot be welded or soldered and takes a heavy toll on jewelry machine tools. For this reason, at this stage we are not able to offer styles other than those displayed on our web site.

Does the color fade or wear - How to care for your titanium bands and colored titanium bands.

Titanium bands Although titanium is a very strong metal, much stronger than gold, platinum and silver, and is more scratch, bend and dent resistant, it is not completely scratch resistant. As with any jewelry, titanium bands will scratch. Scratching of any metal, including titanium can happen within one day or one year - there is not a certain time from when scracthing and wear will begin to occur. To help keep your band looking good, we suggest that you not wear your band whilst doing manual work, whilst gardening, whilst working with abrasive substances, at the gym, playing sport or at the beach. As with gold bands, polished titanium bands can easily be polished by a local jeweler for only a few dollars to make the band look like new again. Remember, the more respect you have for your jewelry, the longer it will stay looking good for you. You do need to appreciate however that titanium bands, as with gold bands, can and will scratch with normal every day wear and not just with heavy wear.

Titanium bandsThe color of our titanium bands is not a coating or paint. It is caused by oxidisation which changes the refractory nature of the surface crystals of the titanium to make colors appear. The color will not fade or chip. However, the color does not penetrate the titanium through the depth of the metal. Although titanium is very strong, titanium bands will scratch, which can cause the oxidised color to scratch off or wear. This may cause the natural titanium color to appear in scracth/worn areas. This scratching can occur in one day or after two years - there is not a minimum time frame. The oxidisation, as with the rhodium plating that is on all white gold bands, will wear and the time frame can vary. But there is no need to worry, your titanium band can be re-oxidised to make the color in the titanium band look like new again. This small service fee is certainly worth it when your band is ready for a new polish and coloring and is only a small price to pay for having such a fantastic vibrant colored titanium band.

To help with looking after your colored titanium band, we highly recommend that you choose a heavy satin finish for the titanium color, particularly if you will be wearing a colored titanium band as your wedding band or for everyday wear. Satin finish helps to protect the color of the titanium against wear and will keep the band looking better for longer. The satin finish will not prevent scratching, but helps to protect the color on the band. We can provide the satin finish for you, or you can have a local jeweler satin finish your band for you.

You can also choose a style where the colored titanium is more protected in a grooved section of the band. This will help to protect the colored titanium. If you are concerned about the wear of your titanium bands or are choosing colored titanium wedding bands we suggest that you choose the heavy satin finish, a meteor band finish or a grooved style band.

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